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Brand LKELEC Model LK-6001 Color Silver + black Material Titanium Quantity 1 Razor Type Electric Shaver Head Type Reciprocating Vibrating Type Shaver Head Number 1 Washing Mode Use brush with lubricating oil Disposable No Power Supply Mode AC Rechargeable Power Plug EU Plug (2-Round-Pin Plug) Power 2 W Can or can't use when charging Yes Charging Time 8 Hour Features Special compound metal blades for excellent cutting; Comfortable to touch Great design makes this hair clipper comfort to grip; A detachable blade feature allows you to change the blades quickly and easily as you clip; Notice: Please do not charging at temperature of below 0 centigrade or above 40 centigrade do not charging surpass 24 hours continuously Packing List 1 x Trimmer 1 x Charger (250V / 100cm) 1 x Comb 2 x Spacing comb 1 x Mini brush 1 x Lubricating oil 1 x Scissor 1 x English user manual
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