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This Mini LED Keychain Flashlight is ideal for outdoor activities. Featuring with super brightness LED bulb, allow to light up a wide-range area easily. Mini size with hanging buckle make it quite easy and convenient to carry around. Besides, it's very simple to use, just rotate the head to turn the light on or off! Super Brightness LED Bulb Can light up the whole corridor easily. Quite Simple Use Just rotate the head of the mini flashlight to turn the light on or off, convenient and efficient! Mini Size & Lightweight Weights only 20g, extremely easy to carry. Wide Application Perfectly suitable for travelling, outdoor activities, night fishing, camping, hiking, daily use, etc High Quality Crafted with superior high strength aluminum alloy, solid and durable, and effectively prevents the flashlight from scratches, abrasion and corrosion. Hanging Buckle Allows to easily hang on your keychain or backpack. Specifications Material Aluminium Alloy Power <1W Light Source LED Battery LR41 Application Night Fishing/Camping/Hiking, etc Product Weight 20g Package Contents 1 x Mini Flashlight
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