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The Balancer / Discharger is designed for Li-Polymer and Li-Fe battery it can measure battery voltage precisely and balance cell voltage in battery pack or discharging battery for long time storage - The balance function can be executed before or after battery charged - It also can be done during battery charging process - It makes sure battery pack keeping in excellent condition - User could observe all cell voltage in whole battery pack at once - It helps user to find out which cell is abnormal during charging or discharging process - Measureable Battery Type and amount: Li-Polymer / Li-Fe:2 - 6 Cell / 7.4V - 22.2V - Measureable Battery Voltage: Receiver Battery / 1.2V - 8.5V - Balance Voltage Setting Range (Lower Limit) : 2V - 3.9V(pre-setting value 3.3V) - Discharge Voltage Setting Range (Lower Limit) : 2V - 4.2V(pre-setting value 3.9V) - English user manual included
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