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Garments made from Knitted fabrics are the most wearable clothing in the world.In this book the basic concept of knitting-dyeing process along with its finishing process have been described. The basic mechanism of machines those are required to run a knitting-dyeing industry has also been discussed. This books may be a very helpful guide for the students and also for the people who wants to learn about knitting,dyeing and finishing process. Besides this the quality control of knitting, dyeing and finishing are also been explored. The faults and remedies of dyed and finished fabrics have also been stated clearly. The manufactures of all the machines related to knitting and finishing have been written with the web address so that the learners can have a look directly visiting the manufacturers web sites for better understanding and perfect knowledge about the latest development of textile machines. The books have been organized in such a way that the learners can get the basic knowledge about the function of various department involved with this industry. In all the chapters of this books the author have tried to give a very real picture of a knitting-dyeing industry.

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