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Touchstone is a groundbreaking new series that offers a fresh approach to teaching and learning North American English. It draws on the Cambridge International Corpus, a large database of conversations and written texts, to build a syllabus based on how people actually use English. The series introduces unique "conversation management" strategies, places special emphasis on teaching vocabulary and vocabulary-learning strategies, and offers exciting ideas for personalized, learner-centered interaction. Key Features Grammar presented in natural contexts; Vocabulary-learning strategies; Strategies for managing conversation; Inductive learning tasks; Useful facts about spoken language; Personalized speaking and writing practice; Communicative pronunciation activities; Listening strategies; Reading that leads to realistic writing tasks; Clear learning aims; Self-assessment tools; Self-study Audio CD/CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh. The four levels of Touchstone take adult and young adult learners from the beginning through the intermediate levels of proficiency. Student's Book 3 is designed for low-intermediate learners and teaches grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies for everyday interaction.

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