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Description: Carabiner Hook Webbing Buckle Nylon Molle Belt Hanging Key Ring Outdoor Tool Specifications: Material Nylon Belt/ Metal Hook Length About 10cm (with key ring) Key Ring Diameter 25mm Weight 25g Color Black/Khaki/Army Green Packing Plastic Bag Fit for the belt no more than 5cm using. Features: 1. Metal carabiner hook, thick Nylon Molle belt, with black key ring, durable and practical. 2. Not only fit for climbing outdoor activity, but also match Tactical belt, pants girdle, backpack bags, etc. 3. The carabiner hook with a key ring, can be used as keychain, collecting your keys, convenient. 4. Convinient to carry in your daily life, it is a multi-functional tool, help you in many ways. Package Includes: 1x Carabiner Hook Tool More Details:

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