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The legendary 1995 gala concert presented on DVD for the first time. Pavarotti performed in front of a sold-out Royal Albert Hall with an exceptional line-up of singers. Highlights include a duet with Dolora Zajick from Verdi's Aida and the final scene from Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin with Nuccia Focile and Dwayne Croft. Pavarotti was in glorious voice and now on the 20th Anniversary, Decca is proud to present this performance carefully restored.'We can only marvel at the stamina and be grateful that in such a performance this most popular, and so most influential, of opera singers set such wholesome an example.' GramophoneСодержание: 01. Opening credits 02. Recondita armonia Tosta Puccini; Giacosa & IllicaLuciano Pavarotti03. Nedda! - Silvio! a quest'ora Pagliacci LeoncavalloKallen Esperian - Dwayne Croft04. Alerte, alerte ... Anges purs Faust Gounod; Barbier & CarreNuccia Focile - Giuseppe Sabbatini Francesco Ellero d'Artegna05. Madre, non dormi? ... Ai nostri monti ritorneremo Il trovatore Verdi; CammaranoLuciano Pavarotti - Dolora Zajick06. Dunque: ё proprio finita! La Boheme Puccini; Giacosa & IllicaKallen Esperian - Nuccia Focile Giuseppe Sabbatini - Dwayne Croft07. Monseigneur! - Ophelie ... Doute de la lumiere Hamlet Thomas; Barbier & CarreNatalie Dessay - Dwayne Croft08. Parigi, о сага, noi lasceremo La traviata Verdi; PiaveLuciano Pavarotti - Nuccia Focile09. Fu la sorte dell'armi Aida Verdi; GhislanzoniKallen Esperian - Dolora Zajick10. Invan Alvaro...

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