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A Documentary History of the Campaign to Create the American Institute of International Law The American Institute of International Law was established in 1912 by James Brown Scott and Dr. Alejandro Alvarez, a distinguished Chilean international lawyer. It aimed primarily to foster better relations between the United States and Latin America. Active until 1938, it submitted several recommendations concerning international organizations, including 30 draft projects to the Pan American Union, which placed 27 of them before the International Commission of American Jurists for the Codification of International Law. Among the subjects were statehood, aliens, law of treaties, diplomatic and consular agents, neutrality at sea, asylum, duties of states in the event of civil war, and the peaceful settlement of disputes. No less than thirteen of these drafts were incorporated into the codifications produced by the Commission. This volume documents the campaign to create the American Institute of International Law and reproduces the original proposal and the principal documents leading to the creation of the Institute. In a broader sense, it offers an interesting legal perspective on the history of inter-American relations and the period when international lawyers began to influence the direction American of foreign policy. James Brown Scott [1866-1943] played a leading role in the establishment of public international law from the 1890s to the 1940s. The author of over 1,000 books and ...
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