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Mini IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Human Sensor Detector Module Description : The module can accurately detect any moving objects (e.g. human body) within the detective range and will send out signals of high level for a certain time. It has higher sensitivity and broader detective range than others. Completely automatic induction: once a person enters into the detective range, the output is high level. While the person is out of the detective range, it will prolong automatically 20 seconds of retention time then the high level output will be shifted to the low level output. Triggering method: continuous triggering, which means that it will take the last triggering time as the starting point, within 20 seconds of the high level output, if there's still human beings activities within it's detective zone, the output will be maintained in the high level until the person's leave. Then afterwards, a retention time of 20 seconds will be initiated. Broad working voltage, low power consumption. High level signal output, easy to be butt jointed with different types of circuits. The module is widely accepted and has been applied for : movement detection, automatic control, proximity switch, electronic theft prevention, safety protection, remote control measurement. Specifications: Operating temperature range: -20~+70 Working voltage: DC 5V~9V Working current: 5mA Static current:
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