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Original Xiaomi Flexible USB Cooler Cooling Portable Mini Fan For Power Bank Notebook Laptop Computer Power-saving Product Description: Lightweight portable removable, detachable design, can be placed in the pocket of a small fan. High-grade silicone material, environmentally safe and feel good. Standard USB interface, can mix and match digital devices, such as: mobile power, desktop computers, laptops, USB connector, car charger and so on, plug and play. Parameters: When the fan is running low noise, maximum noise only 25.8 db, equivalent to the sound of a gentle breeze. Very low power consumption, with millet mobile power, can work for up to 62 hours. Size: 145.5 * 15 * 89.3 mm With millet mobile power when the fan category and continue to work longer: With millet mobile power category Millet portable fans continue to work long Millet mobile power 5000mAh 20 hours Millet mobile power 10000mAh 38 hours Millet mobile power 16000mAh 62 hours Package list: 1x Xiaomi USB Fan More detail:
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