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nitecore tini keychain light 380lumen cree xp g2 s3 led usb rechargeable built in battery key button flashlight outdoor mini edc купить по лучшей цене

Video This is a mini sized light that you can hook it on your keychain, and it comes with the brightness of up to 360 lumens. It is TIP, a high-performance rechargeable flashlight with tiny size. The Nitecore TIP is a highly compact rechargeable LED keychain flashlight with a 360 lumens capacity. Charged using a USB cable the Nitecore makes for convenient use and portability with its Li-ion battery providing a runtime of up to 46 hours. Its outer casted is constructed using lightweight and high strength aluminum alloy protecting the core components from any damage. So Small So Powerful Superior craftsmanship enables the TIP to pack as high as 360 lumens while maintaining an extremely compact body. USB Rechargeable for Max Convenience TIP can be charged by USB cables, which is easy to find at everyone's home. Large Capacity Li-ion Battery Integrated high capacity 500mAh Li-ion battery provides runtime as long as 46 hours after fully charged. High Strength Metal Construction Outer casing is constructed from lightweight and high strength aluminum alloy, protecting core components from damage. Resist to Scratches HA III Military grade hard anodized metallic surface enables the TIP to resist to scratches, feel free to use and no more worry about scratches. ATR Technology Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation(ATR) technology allows the light to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance. Power Indication Pressing the mode switch while the light is turned off to activate the built-in power indicators, the number of flashes gives an approximation of battery level. Specifications Brand NITECORE Model TIP Max Output 360lumens Max Beam Distance 74m Max Beam Intensity 140cd Max Run Time 46h / 1.92d LED CREE XP-G2 Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Length 60.8mm / 2.39in Weight 23.5g / 0.83oz Feature Rechargeable Activity Gear, Outdoor/Camping, Search Package Contents 1 x NITECORE TIP Flashlight
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