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nitecore mh25gt rechargeable flashlight xp l hi v3 led max 1000lm beam distance 452 meters torch 18650 battery charger купить по лучшей цене

Video The Nitecore SRT7GT is a high performance LED flashlight that is styled in a sleek, modern design. With a maximum output of 1,000 lumens, this device is perfect for outdoor use is low-lit areas such as camping grounds, running trails and more. In addition the Nitecore SRT7GT offers 4 different lighting modes for unique and individual scenarios, making it a truly multifunctional device. This Nitecore SRT7GT LED Flashlight with 1000 Lumen is great for various outdoor activities such as camping and caving, etc. Featured with a two-way stainless-steel titanium plated clip, it is extremely convenient to carry around. The Third-generation Smart Selector Ring Technology Easy operation, simple and practical, providing smooth rotation for brightness adjustment and incremental rotation for function selection. Multi-colored LEDs Equipped with 4 LEDs for multiple scenes and various situations. The red light, low light tactical applications, is suitable for hunting and general outdoor use; the green light is great for hunting, observing or checking intricate documents; the blue light is for blood tracking and oil stain dete Thermoelectric Separation Technology Maximize the heat dissipation, guarantee the output stability in long-time working and lengthen the LED life span. Crystal Coating Technology Realizes excellent reflector performance, and match with toughened ultra-clear mineral glass, resulting in a peak beam intensity of 50900cd and a throw distance of up to 450 meters, and providing the best lighting effects. CREE XP-L HI V3 LED Realizes a max output of 1000 lumens with an efficient increase of 10-15%, providing a better lighting effects. Specifications Brand Nitecore Model SRT7GT Emitter Type XP-L HI V3 Material Aerospace grade aluminum alloy Mode Turbo,Ultralow,Red,Green,Blue,UV + Police Warning,Strobe,Beacon Lumens 1000LM,0.1LM,13LM,19LM,3LM Runtime 1h15min,240h,28h,26h,26h,26h (18650) Battery Configurations 1 x 18650/2xCR123A (not included) Switch Type Clicky Switch Location Tail of the flashlight Peak Beam Intensity 50900cd Impact Resistant1.5m Range 450meters Lens Optics lens with anti-reflective coating Reflector Smooth reflector Waterproof IPX-8 waterproof up to 2 meters Color Black Weight 173g/pcs without battery Size 15.8cm x 4cm (length x head diameter) Package Contents1 x Nitecore SRT7GT XP-L HI V3 1000LM Tactical LED Flashlight 1 x flashlight holster 1 x clip 1 x tactical ring 1 x lanyard 1 x o-ring 1 x spare switch cover
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