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new yongnuo yn760 led studio light lamp with 5500k color temperature and adjustable brightness for the camera camcorder купить по лучшей цене

This LED-1700 Professional Rechargeable LED Video Light would be a great addition to your studio. With 160 LEDs (LED of 80 pcs 3200k and 80pcs of 5500k), allows you to achieve rich, bright lighting with balanced color while shooting with your camera. An adjustable mount lets you attach to your camera's standard hot-shoe mount. Features Compatible With Most Cameras With A Standard Hot-Shoe Mount So you can attach your existing camera to the video light's adjustable mount. 160 LEDs Combined LED of 80 pcs 3200k and 80pcs of 5500k, color temperature in the range of 3200k-5500k arbitrary regulation. Provide a high level of brightness and balanced color which can cover up to 10 meters. Variable Dimmer Control Enables precise light output adjustment. Variable Color Temperature Lets you select between 3200K and 5500K, so you can switch between warm and cool light. Compatible With Three Kinds Of Battery SONY NP-F, NP-FM, NP-QM series batteries, you can also use an external adapter.(adapter purchased separately) Professional LED Lamp Driver chip, light stability, efficiency up to 93%. Intelligent Memory Function Automatically return to the previous closing state, more convenient to use. Specifications General Model: LED-1700 LED: 160 PCS (LED of 80 pcs 3200k and 80pcs of 5500k); Form Color: Black Material: ABS Technical Parameter Compatible Brand: Universal Compatible Models: Universal Operating Voltage: 6V-9V DC Input: 9V -16.8 V Power: 10W Average Lifespan: 50000H CCT: 3200-5500K Illumination: 1200LUX Illumination Angle: 600 Illumination Range: 3-8M Color Rendering: ≥85% Battery Compatible Type: SONY NP-F, NP- What's in the box? 1 x Video Light 1 x Battery Charger 1 x Battery 1 x AC power adapter 1 x English & Chinese Manual
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