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Eighteen percent of all stock trades take place on the Internet. Having cut out the middle man and providing information and access once available only to Wall Street professionals, the Internet has leveled the investment playing field. Investing in this new territory can be a challenge -- what do investors really need to know about a company before buying stock, what websites will offer them free financial information, and how can they protect themselves from making poor or misinformed investments? With the same assertive and witty trademark voice he uses as an expert stock market commentator in the New York Observer, Bloomberg News and, Chris Byron demystifies online investing and shows investors how they can compete successfully with Wall Street. Providing cutting-edge and resourceful financial advice, DELETEYOURBROKER.COM shows readers how to find out about new and exciting investment opportunities and avoid the swindles that abound in today's super-charged stock market. For those who may be Internet savvy but don't know much about investing, Byron includes all the basics--from asset allocation to reading a balance sheet. Full of colorful anecdotes and Byron's rare ability to simplify complex financial issues, DELETEYOURBROKER.COM is an invaluable guidebook to the world of Internet investing.

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