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For fans of "The Bunny Suicides", "Simon's Cat" and "101 Uses of a Dead Cat" comes the hilariously offensive "Hate Mail" by Mr Bingo. "Gorgeous and funny! Like a labrador doing stand-up". (Noel Fielding). Mr Bingo loves post. In April 2011 he launched a service on his website, where, for a small payment, he would send his customer a vintage postcard with one of his iconic drawings and an offensive message on the back. So the purchaser gets a much sought-after original signed drawing, the postman gets a laugh and the world gets a little bit happier. Six days after launch, it had become so popular that he had to temporarily close the service. But fear not! Mr Bingo is teaming up with "Penguin" to create "Hate Mail", a book that will showcase 100 of his favourite comic cards. Take a peak at some of Mr Bingo's "Hate Mail postcards. Mr Bingo didn't learn a lot at school but he did discover one valuable thing: he was good at making people laugh. Now an enormously successful illustrator based in Shoreditch, he is "drawing stuff" for the likes of "The Mighty Boosh", "QI", the "Guardian", "MTV" and "The New York Times". As well as making pictures, Mr Bingo regularly speaks at events on his favourite topics, such as religion, the internet, dating, animals, art and terrorism.

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