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This book proves that Time and Space do not exist only Distance exists. It is clear from the Title of my book that Time is a fiction or in other words for an imaginary event, which means something that is not real, whereas distance which can be measured between two points is a reality. This in summary explains my book. I came to this discovery when I thought of the re-occurring of my son’s birthday after the period of an imaginary time period of a year in comparison to the exact distance he had travelled sitting on the earth for the distance of 960,000,000 km Earth’s orbit around the sun. So I repeat once again that my book has been written to prove that time is a nonexistent imaginary event and only Distance is a Reality. My book has received a Bharat Shiromani Award from the Governor of Orissa. The Foreword of my book is by the Prof. of Physics and Astrophysics University of Delhi. My book also has been highly commended by The Vice Chancellor I.P University, The Dekan of my Stuttgart University Germany has also appreciated my book. The Professor of San Jose State University and of Milwakee University of America have also highly commended my book.

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