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I was extremely interested to identify those hidden boundaries separating boys and girls from my school days, and I started working on my study titled – ‘Do Masculinity and Femininity get reflected over space?’ – A Gendered Reading of the D-School Campus (my college campus).The investigative technique used in the research work was entirely Qualitative in character. Primary data source was collection of field data through personal interviews, conversations and narratives The research work looked at the formation of perceptions among the students, seeking to trace the genderization of spaces within the campus. The reason behind carrying out the particular piece of research was to examine whether gender may be inscribed, via practices, in the production of spaces in the campus of Delhi School of Economics, which is recognized as one among the country’s most progressive education institutions. A place which is often known to be a ‘fairly equal campus’- can it reflect the existing gender identities (masculinity and femininity) over its space? The quest to find out the answer for this question led the path for the research work.

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