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I zoom in with the mouse. The next level of pixels. The space of the character is a room, a field, a city block, a house, an interaction with vicinity, with other characters. Not networks of people bound by title such as doctor or architect or cook. No, the space of the character can be large but only apply within the limit of other characters. Just so long as they stay characters and not roles, the this scale is sound. There are gray zones, zooming out too far turns the characters into roles. While zooming in, uncovers the next level of scale: myself. A space within my self. How do I define this space? Would expressing this scale through my role as an architect or character be contradictory to such a space? Perhaps, I''ll come back to that issue again. All by my self. Implies another. Doesn''t it? Defines ownership, but of what? Something is mine. My, self. Maybe it''s the ''selfs'' who have me. They run the show. But no. I must stay objective. Remember the role we all play. I''m an architecture student. So I sit in a studio chair and I have writers block…If I have writer''s block as a character then I have builders block as an architect and stage fright as an actor.
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