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multi functional handheld tools set w knife cable ties blades red silver купить по лучшей цене

Description : Piranha Multi-functional Adjustable Wrench Jaw Screwdriver Pliers Knife Multi Tools Set New Arrival Version.. Inspired by classic JEEP tool, similar look but LARGER & actually different design ... Compare with JEEP SKU102366 + Different Blade Shape + Longer Knife Length + Safe Knife Lock + Powerful JAW Bite + Larger Wrench (1.8cm compare with 1cm) + Stronger Knife to cut (8cm*2cm compare with 5.8cm*1.2cm) + Much Higher Elastic Handle Grip Feeling + Screws are Quality Stainless Compare with Carbon Steel ...... If you love this tool follow you or just in need a cool gift for your friend/family and for yourself, It is just the best choice now to add it in your tools collection .. banggood Tools team 2015-1-24th An ideal multifunctional tool for your life, easy to carry and you can use it in many aspect in our daily life, Collect the Adjustbale Wrench + 2 Screwdriver + Pliers + Knife in one tool ~ portable and greatly save you pack space. The flat and philips screwdriver is become one part of the tool, while the knife is aslo much more powerful~ up to 8cm length. Outdoor survive, traveling, camping, daily home tool's need or collect it as one of the famous star in your tool's box .. NEW ARRIVAL promotion sales. The beeeest price in whole internet .. Specification : Handle material : 2Cr13 Mutil tool material : 3Cr13 Size : 127 x 40.5 x 14mm Knife length : 8cm Weight : 190g Package includes : 1 x Piranha Multifuntion 5 in 1 Wrench Tool Details pictures :
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