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This roll bar mounting kit is designed to securely attach your GoPro HERO camera to motorcycle / motorbike roll bars, any round or semi-round tube ranging from 1.4" to 2.5" (35 - 63.5 mm) in diameter. The included 3-way pivot arm makes it easy to aim the camera, so you can achieve the perfect angle for every shot. Features Compatible with sport camera GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+. Securely attaches camera to roll bar, bike frames, roof racks, bumper bar, radiator caps, etc. Comes with a 3-way adjustable pivoting arm, helping you get your desired angle. Captures point of view perspective from bike or motor. Great way to take shots of yourself or people following you. Made of superior quality material, durable and usable. Specifications Material Plastic Weight 93g Product Size 8.5L x 8W x 1.5H cm Package Included 1 x Motorbike Roll Bar Mount for GoPro Hero 3+/ 3/2/1, 1 x 3-Way Pivoting Arms. 2 x Short Thumbscrew, 1 x Long Thumbscrew
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