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Bioethics is moral capital. Many countries have been investing their resources in knowledge and skills development (human capital) only, while ignoring right attitude (value-based learning and character formation).This book gives practical guidance on the use of bioethics in decision-making process and mind-building. From African umunthuology moral principle the author develops the KAS model for sustainable professionalism. The author proposes Moral Capital Index, LEGS framework (Leadership, Ethical engagement, Governance and Systems) for policy implementation and advocates for moral transformation pedagogy in Malawi and other African countries in order to benefit from moral capital dividend. Moral capital is the basis for sustainable professionalism and development, nationally and globally. Failure to invest in moral capital is costly in terms of containment costs, moral hazards, corruption, and loss of competitiveness. In the modern world where the knowledge gap is narrowing through ICT countries and individuals will gain comparative advantage through moral capital. Therefore moral capital education and mind-building are necessary building blocks for a resilient, growing economy.
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