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mini wired strobe siren durable 12v wired sound alarm strobe flashing red light sound siren home security alarm system купить по лучшей цене

Function introduction 1. Wireless set to start alarm function 2. Anti-interfere function. When it is interfered with same frequency the control unit will activate siren to alarm. 3. Support anti-decode with remote control. 4. 6 programmable defense zones available with status LED. The control panel can register 99 sensors and detectors. 5. Support one-key arm. User can start home arm freely by keeping pressing one key on remote control to satisfy your need. 6.It stores 2 groups of monitoring center and 6 groups of user phone numbers to dial out and play the recorded message if there is an alarm. 7.Can arm/disarm with remote control or keypad on the control panel. 8.Can arm/disarm by calling the host phone number (The phone numbers of control panel). 9.Support circuitry failure alarm. With function of telephone anti-cutting warning when thieves cut the telephone lines maliciously It will alarm . 10.With international Ademco Contact ID can work with the monitoring center. 11.The function of the record sound. Main Unit: Power supply: AC=220V DC=9V -12V Inner Power: Ni-Mh battery DC=7.2V Static Current: 50mA Alarm Current: 300mA Wireless Frequency:433MHz Wireless Receiving Sensitivity:5mV/ m Outer Alarm Siren Volume:110db Working ConditionTemperature-10~40 Humidity:90% Capacity for Wireless Device:99pcs Wireless frequency: 433 MHz Wireless distant Remote Control : Transmission Current:7mA Transmission Distance : 80m (No Obstacle) Operational temperature:-10to 55 Humidity:80% Size:58x31x9.5mm Wireless Door/ Window Magnet Sensor : Launch Distance: 100 meters (no obstacle) Operating Voltage: 12V Operating Frequency: 433MHz/315MHz Wireless strobe Siren : Operating voltage: 6 - 14 VDC Sound output: 105 dB @ 12 VDC Current draw: 180 mA @ 12 VDC Dimensions: 2.9 x 4.8 x 1.7 Color: Ivory body with red strobe Material: UV-resistant high impact polycarbonate plastic Wiring: Red-positive Black-common Operating Frequency: 433MHz Wireless strong siren : Wireless Frequency : 315/433 MHz Operating Voltage:6-15VDC Rated Voltage:12VDC Rated Power:15W 20W SPL DB/1M:115
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