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Do you want to possess something that can enliven the atmosphere when you have a party? This RGB LED Stage Projector Lights will bring a magnificent lighting effect. 4 control modes for easy and convenient to control, which makes the party more interesting and comfortable. Suitable for many occasions, like the stage, bar, KTV, Disco and etc. 4 Control Modes Remote control, sound-activated, DMX 512, master slave. 8 DMX Channel Ensure better lighting effect, which brings more comfortable lighting experience. Double Mounting Bracket Install on the wall or stand on the ground, easy to use. Built-in Cooling Fan Expedites heat emission speed, reduces heat quantity of the LED lights. RGB Colors Four different LED lights, including red, green, blue, white, ensure gorgeous flash effect. Suitable Occasions Suitable for Disco, ballrooms, KTV rooms, bars, stages, parties and hotels, etc. Specifications Name LED Stage Lights Control Mode DMX512, master/slave, stand-alone strobe, automatic Control Channels 8 DMX Channels LED High power Power Consumption 12W Voltage AC110V-220V/50-60Hz Working Environment -20 degree to 40 degree Beam Angle 25 degree Plug Type US/EU plug Material Aluminium shell Light Source 12 pieces LEDs ( red: 3pcs; green: 3pcs; blue: 3pcs white; 3pcs ) Lifetime About 100,00 hours Cable Length 100cm Product Weight 600 g Package Size 13L x 13W x 13H cm Package Contents 1 x LED Stage Light, 2 x Screw, 1 x User Manual
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