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Brand N/A Model 3528-RGB-RF Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Black + white Material Waterproof sleeve + copper + chip Emitter Type SMD 3528 LED Chip Type N/A Total Emitters 300 Light Color RGB Input Voltage 12 V Power 24 W Luminous Flux 1000 lm Connector Type RGB 4-pin connector Waterproof Yes Waterproof Rate IP65 Application Decoration light Other Features Dynamic effect of controller: 8 kinds; Dynamic speed level: 10; PWM control level: 10; Slow modulation light effect: Yes; Working voltage: 5~24V; Output Max. Current: 3 x 4A; Remote working method: RF wireless; Remote working frequency: 433.92MHz; Remote distance: Open field more than 15m; LED life up to 50000 hours; Strip backside with adhesive tap easily stick to any flat and smooth surface. Wavelength 620~630 (red) / 465~475 (blue) / 515~525 (green) nm Packing List 1 x Waterproof light strip 1 x Mini RF RGB controller (Built-in 1 x CR2025) 1 x Mini receiver (10cm-cable) 1 x English user manual
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