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Worlde Panda200 Professional USB Drum Pad MIDI Keyboard Controller Description: Size:300*330*60MM Weight:2.5KG 16*Trigger pads with velocity 5*Assignable dials 8*Assignable sliders,each slider can be edited by user 26*Assignable buttons Function buttons,providing functions like,EDIT,GLOBAL,LEVELS,PRESET,PROGRAM CHANGE and etc 1*MIDI out,1*MIDI in Power supplied by USB and DC 9V Compatible with Win8/7/XP/Vista and Mac OSX.Drive free and hot-plug supported Compatible with mainstream such as CAKEWALK pro audio and a sequencer software Features: Mac/PC compatibleclass-compliant so no driver installation is necessary MIDI or USB connectivity 16 velocity and pressure sensitive, 16 pads for ultimate feel and control 3 switchable pad banks for a total of 64 pads 5 high-resolution 360-degree assignable knobs 8 assignable sliders bright, easy-to-navigate LCD display programmable, recallable banks for use with your Desktop Audio Workstation,sequencer, software or hardware synthesizer or module 8 Assignable Sliders PANDA200 can assignable sliders, each slider can be edited by user, let the control more sensitive, more precise 16 mats With strokes, pressure sensor and force sensor, used to hard or soft synths sound source sends percussion timbres, responsive, intuitive A sequencer with control buttons 5 button for device control, stop, and playback, convenient Five knobs 360 degree endless knobs that can be used to send continuous control data to a desktop audio workstation, you can also send MIDI note messages HD display LCD shows frequency, data is clear, makes music easier USB power supply PANDA200 can connect to the USB interface power supply, there is an external power connector. 21 Assignable Buttons 21 assignable buttons were free to set according to your own practice, convenient Manual Click here FL Studio and MIDI keyboard PANDA25/49/61/200/MNI connection settings Click here MIDI device connected with the Cubase settings Click here Package Includes: 1 x PANDA200

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