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Brand N/A Model MY-428 Quantity 1 Color Black + golden Material ABS Application Temperature control switch it make fan rotating after reaching the rated temperature; This thermostat fan switch connection closed when the chassis temperature reaches the rated temperature (50 ± 5'C) and then automatic turn-on circuit; Fan rotation and expel hot air; temperature protection function keeps the system cool down; Cutting fan 12V cable (generally red wire); Two sides of cable in series with the thermostat (with solder by electrical soldering iron); Sealed with heat shrink tubing or insulating tape to wrap wiring to prevent short circuit; Voltage range: 0~250V DC / AV universal; Current range: 5A; Contacts Material: silver plated contacts; Using life: Bounce up to 10 million times or more; Rated closure temperature: 50+/-5'C; Rated reset temperature: 30+/-15'C Packing List 1 x Switch

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