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In this third exciting installment of Michael Zevaco's novels The Pardaillan is filled with more treacheries, palace intrigues, murder plots, which culminate eventually with the greatest tragedy in the history of the world as of that time with the St. Bartholomew Massacre. A "permanent peace" between the Roman Catholics and French Protestants, or Huguenots, invites the later ones to come to Paris. However, it was a ruse and shortly after the marriage of Princess Margot with Henri of Navarre the battle begins, which turned the streets of Paris literary in rivers of blood. But, where are our heroes the Pardaillan? The knight of Pardaillan continues to court (in his imaginings) the daughter of Francis of Montmorency, Louise, who is seeking to marry her with the Count of Margency. While the old Pardaillan finds himself in the Temple awaiting the most horrific tortures imaginable. Learn about this intriguing denouement in the third volume Aqua Toffana. And learn what happened to the rest of our personages. The Queen's swarm of female assassins goes to work under the nave of the church in an orgy of blood, fulfilling Catherine of Medici grand plans of power to retain the crown of France for her predilect son the duke of Anjou. The Lady in Mourning finally meets her lover Francis of Montmorency in a surprising reunion. Let's travel together to a romantic epoch of swashbuckling with Michael Zevaco at the helm and our itinerary The Pardaillan - Aqua Toffana
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