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The book guides the reader through the complex issues of political integration in modern African politics with clarity and insight. Starting with a close reading of the many theoretical and analytical concepts of African Union and the applicability of Nkrumah’s political thought, the book goes on to: • define the structural principles of African Union. • assess the growing importance of political union in providing the catalyst for economic development of Africa. • focus on the various comparative advantages of a union of African States. • examine the role of African Union in increasing its power potentials in world politics. • discuss the various soft power strategies used to manipulate Africa’s development efforts and control of its resources. The book concludes with a summary of issues on modern African politics and strategies that will shape African Union as great power whose greatness is not measured in the stockpiles of nuclear bombs but in the soft power values of supranationalism. The book will also prove fascinating and illuminating reading to students of African politics who wishes to understand the new perspectives and challenges of modern African politics.

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