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This exclusive deluxe plexi-glass slipcase edition is limited to 300 copies worldwide. The Limited Edition release includes an additional 16 pages, illustrated, full-colour booklet including rare photos of prestigious Patek watches. John Goldberger presents the most beautiful and unusual watches ever fitted with steel cases by Patek Philippe. One hundred and eighty-seven superb examples, including the models of today's production, traced back through time thanks to painstaking research, with the collaboration of the world's leading collectors and connoisseurs and professionally photographed to show the most minute details and characteristics of the movement, case and dial of each timekeeper. The result is the most detailed research ever dedicated to the finest and rarest masterpieces of Patek Philippe's production cased in steel. This tome is a journey covering a century of Patek Philippe's quintessential spirit. Over 900 colour illustrations and 800 descriptions provide the collector and watch enthusiast with invaluable information including recent discoveries on reference numbers, dials, movements, related calibres and the year of production of each watch. Twelve chapters: Pocket Watches and Clocks; Round Wristwatches; Rectangular Wristwatches; Water-proof Wristwatches; Chronograph Wristwatches; Perpetual Calendar Wristwatches with moon phases; Military Watches; Amagnetic Wristwatches; Self-Winding Wristwatches; Nautilus; Modern Wristwatches and Watch parts.
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