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Ребека Марина, Никола Алаймо («Michele Mariotti, Rossini: Matilde Di Shabran, Neapolitan Version, 1821»), Хуан Диего Флорес («Bellini: La Sonnambula Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD: Bellini's La sonnambula») в спектакле Грэма Викерса «Guillaume Tell» For years the undisputed Rossini tenor par excellence, Juan Diego Florez at last makes his debut in the hugely demanding role of Arnold and "mast part with seemingly effortless perfection" (Die Presse). "Grand, cinematic opera in widescreen and surround sound" wrote Die Welt of Graham Vic production of Rossini's last opera, given uncut in its original French version .complete with the often-omitted ballet music. The William Tell legend of and political intrigue in 14th-century Switzerland is interpreted by Vick as a timeless class conflict with dramatic and unforgettabie images. A «perfect cast» is conducted with "verve and intensity" (Opera Today) by the brilliant young Italian Michele Mariotti.

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