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Potato production from true potato seed (TPS) is highly promising, and may put remarkable contribution for increasing potato production. A series of experiments and thousands of demonstration trials of TPS during 1993 to 1997 have generated great enthusiasm among the potato farmers as well as consumers of Bangladesh. Still there are major problems associated with the use of this technique. In order to exploit the merits of TPS a number of experiments have been undertaken. Nutrient conditions in the potato mother plants directly affect the production of quality TPS. Therefore, experiments were conducted during 2004-2007 to examine the effects of combinations of different levels of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) along with culture of mother plant on yield and quality of TPS using crosses of +MF-II and >TPS-67. in the commercial aspect, 200 kg N ha-1 of supplemental application in 7 separate installments at 7 day intervals starting from just before blooming along with basal application (150-120-125-120-12-6 kg ha-1, N-P-K-Gypsum-ZnSO4-Borax, and 10 t ha-1 farm yard manure) and 12 stems m-2 is the most suitable combination to produce high quality TPS.
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