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The present study was conducted to investigate the level of job satisfaction, factors affecting job satisfaction, relationship of socio-personal characteristics of agricultural scientists of selected state agricultural universities of northern region of India viz. PAU, GBPUAT and HAU and get suggestions. The data were collected from 300 respondents, 100 from each university. The findings revealed that all the agricultural scientists were highly satisfied and fewer differences were found among the universities. The findings revealed that HAU had more training experts as compared to PAU and GBPUAT. All the three universities ranked teaching, research and extension at first, second and third place respectively and expressed their views on team work rather than work alone. Most of the factors of job performance varied among the three universities. The data showed that most of the Herzberg’s motivator and hygiene factors contributing the job satisfaction of agricultural scientists of HAU in comparison to PAU and GBPUAT. The respondents suggested that ongoing facilities should be worked out consistently and in few areas they should be further improved to enhance job satisfaction.

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