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m8 fully loaded xbmc amlogic s802 android tv box quad core 2g 8g mali450 4k 2 4g 5g dual wifi pre installed apk add ons купить по лучшей цене

R-BOX Pro Android TV Box Kodi 17.0 comes fully loaded: Amlogic S912 CPU, Dual Band WiFi, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Just plug it in and discover a whole world of live TV, TV shows, sporting events, photos, music and more! Amlogic S912 CPU and Mali-T820MP3 GPU Its high machine configuration gives you ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability. Enjoy yourself with stream videos, smooth-flowing gaming, web surfing and more! Android 6.0 Marshmallow (with OTG free) A refinement and extension of the core features and functionality of Android Lollipop, primarily focuses on improving the overall user experience of Lollipop. Kodi 17.0 Tons of free streaming add-ons available allow you to stream movies, TV shows and more with Kodi. 4K resolution Enjoy movies, TV shows and sporting events in the most stunning visual quality! Dual band WiFi 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Transmit higher amounts of data, and it's naturally less congested. Gigabit LAN Provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second. Specifications Model R-BOX Pro Type TV Box  System Android 6.0  CPU Amlogic S912 Octa core ARM Cortex-A53 GPU ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU up to 750MHz  RAM 2G DDR3 ROM 16G EMMC Max. Extended Capacity Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)  Decoder Format H.265 Interface AV, DC Power Port, HDMI, RJ45, SPDIF, Micro SD card, USB2.0 WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz 5.8GHz LAN Standard RJ-45 (100M/1000M) Bluetooth 4.0 KODI Pre-installed Yes KODI Version KODI 17.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Power Supply DC 5V 2A (100V-240V, 50/60Hz) Package Contents 1 x TV Box, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x Charger
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