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Adopts Electro-plating process brings you a high quality Skeleton Hand Bracelet. Punk Style Skeleton Ring Bracelet Look very cool once you put it in your hand. Elastic, Adjustable Bracelet and Ring You can adjust the size of bracelet and ring, which is fit for most people. A Red Gem Makes the Bracelet Shiny Decorated by a red gem, very attractive and shiny. Specifications Name Punk Skeleton Hand Finger Ring Bracelet Bangle with Gem Type Skeleton Hand Bracelet Material Alloy Color Silver Processing Electro-plating Product Weight 80g Bracelet Diameter Approx. 4.5cm (Adjustable) Ring Diameter 1.8cm (Adjustable) Package Weight 100g Package Size 15 x 15 x 15cm Package Contents 1 x Skeleton Hand Ring Bracelet
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