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Video Thinker, an intelligent control host. Via the APP, once you connect your mobile phone to the internet, you can perform remote control on the home appliances anytime and anywhere. Air-conditioner, television, sound box, lighting equipment and so on. You can also use the RF switch, socket or other fittings provided by Thinker to transform the traditional home appliance into an intelligent electrical appliance which could be controlled by Thinker. Are you eager to monitor the condition of your home at any time? Then use monitoring accessories of Thinker so that everything is under your control. Thinker makes your home more intelligent, more secure. Intelligent Wireless Router Thinker uses the established OpenWrt architecture, you can perform remote control to know the condition of the router in your house, and therefore to get information about the number of people online, the network speed and so on. A Genuine Universal Remote IR and RF Controllable Perfectly compatible with various electrical appliances, so it saves many troubles for replacing the existing remote of TV, air conditioner, switch, socket, etc and your phone combined with Thinker is a much better remote. Multi-Room Control Through IR & RF extension, the infrared appliances in different rooms can also be easily controlled by your smartphones, so there will be no partition problems any more. Setting Trigger Conditions Supported You can set a trigger condition (such as temperature, humidity, time, etc) to initiate an action (such as switch air conditioning, switch lights, switch windows). Remote Control Access You will be able to open the air conditioning, water heater and other home appliances ahead of time. Camera Monitoring Through the perfect combination of the smart camera accessories, you can monitor your house anytime and anywhere. Real-time Feedback Door sensor, intelligent feedback switch and environment detection sensor can provide real-time feedback of the current status through the mobile phone APP. Use Instruction Download and install the mobile phone APP, connect and match Thinker with your mobile phone through Wi-Fi before using. Specifications Name GEEKLINK Thinker Smart Home Remote Controller APP Control Brand GEEKLINK Model GT-1 Type IR RF Smart Remote Controller Color Black, White Compatible OS Android 2.3 or later, iOS 7.0 or later Working Temperature 0 – 40°C Working Humidity 10%-90%RH Voltage DC 5V Current 1A Network Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11n / g / b, Network Cable (IEEE802.3 / 3u) Support for RF 315 / 433MHz ASK, IR 26K-64K Package Weight 15 x 12 x 8 cm Package Size 350g Package Contents 1 x GEEKLINK Thinker, 1 x User Manual

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