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The Broadlink TC 2 is a wall wifi light switch with "Touch switch". In conjunction with BroadLink RM Pro, the lighting can switch on /off automatically through your smartphone. You can preset scheduling so that lighting will automatically turn on / off at a particular time. For example, you can preset the lighting switching on at 6p.m. everyday so that you can wake up. Moreover, you can include lighting as one part of your home automation theme. And it can also help to secure your home with anti-theft function. Remote Control Turns on the light anywhere at anytime through the app before you go home at night. No more darkness when you come home. Easy to Use TC2 makes light controlling easier and more user-friendly through the free app on your smartphone or tablet. Easy Installation The installation is the same as traditional mechanical wall switch, simple and convenient. Through Wall Signal The emissive ability of RF 433MHz is 3 times higher than RF 315MHz which makes TC2 can be remotely controlled through walls within 15m. Timer Function Comfortably wake up in the morning by setting timer to turn on the light, more easy than a ringing clock. Anti-Theft Function Light will be turned on timely when you are out for traveling. Keep thieves away from your home. Tempered Glass Panel Accurate touch sense with high hardness to provide you with high level safety protection. Note: the App control functions when working together with BroadLink RM pro. Specification Product NameWifi Light Switch Model TC2-CN Life Time 100000 times Materials Panel-Glass Crystal, Substrate-Flame Retardant PC Load Power 3W-200W/gang(800W in total for 3-gang) Control Distance 15m Working Voltage AC170-250V, 50/60Hz

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