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lt 3500 6a led rgb music controller dc5 24v input max 6a 3channel output support audio line with ir remote control diy effect купить по лучшей цене

Features: 1-IN and 2-OUT HDMI signal and can sync separate the audio signal; SPIDF optical digital audio out put and 1-CH L/R stereo analog audio output; HDMI resolution ratio max. supports 1080P/60 supports 3D(24/30fs); SPDIF output supports dolby digital AC3 DTS LPCM and other digital audio format supports 5.1-CH output; Supports audio EDID 3-mode can switch between inner EDID(TU) and external EDID(2CH/5.1CH) for choosing stereo or 5.1CH audio output; With LED indicator; Uses 24bit/192KHz DAC chip with good sound quality; No signal loss; Easy to install; Power supply by DC 5V/1A external power supply. - Specification: HDMI input/output resolution: max. supports 1080P/50/60fs(3D 24/30fs); Support video color format: 24 bit/30 bit deep color/36 bit; HDMI Support audio format: DTS-HD/Dolby-TrueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD; SPDIF Support audio format: Dolby Digital(AC3)/DTS/LPCM; Maximum bandwidth: 225MHz; HDMI max. baud rate: 6.75Gbps; Input TMDS signal: 0.5~1.5Vp-p(TTL); Input DDC signal: 5Vp-p(TTL); DAC sampling frequency: 32~192KHz; DAC bit rate: 16~24 Bit; RCA analog output(1kHz@0dB): 1V RMS; SNR@0dB(CCIR/ARM): >/=90dB; Distortion: </=0.1%; Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz; Input cable distance: <=15m AWG26 HDMI standard cable; Output Cable length: <=20m AWG26 HDMI standard cable; Maximum Working Current: 600mA; Power adapter specification: AC 100V-240V 50/60HzDC 5V/1A; Working temperature range: -10~+55'C; Storage temperature range: -20~+60'C; Working hunidity range: 10~90% (non-condensing); Storage hunidity range: 5~95% (non-condensing).
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