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lt 3500 6a led rgb music controller dc5 24v input max 6a 3channel output support audio line with ir remote control diy effect купить по лучшей цене

2.0/2.1/4.0/5.1 stereo speakers stereo surround sound used to sneak into the audio frequency control system high fidelity sound output product used to sneak into the USB external interface input will build your PC or laptop into a shocking 5.1 audio entertainment system connect the USB cable to a simple you can enjoy the high quality of ultra high fidelity sound products using 5.1 surround stereo output Headset microphone input output line input make it easy for you to connect various devices comfortably enjoy music... ASIO audio support software program. SBX Pro Studio high quality entertainment audio program SBX Pro Studio audio programming techniques use of surround sound technology outstanding experience music movies and games with the most perfect audio faithful reproduction create an incomparable vivid music world for you The connection of various digital equipment Using internal submerged hardware code let you through all kinds of wire can be conveniently connected with various domestic digital decoder or power amplifier so as to obtain comparable to the cinema 5.1 surround sound. To meet your various needs high quality audio connection RCA interface can be connected to all kinds of speakers line input can be connected to the mobile phone / tablet computer and all kinds of audio input and Headset microphone jack allowing you to barrier free internet communication regardless of the network chat or Cara OK meet all your needs. Support system: Microsoft Windoes8/WIN7/WIn Vista/WIN XP /Mac OS Color: Black Material: Aluminum Stereo surround sound audio signal output Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ Efficiency: 81%-88% Input sensitivity: 200mV ± 10mV Dynamic range: 100dB Input voltage: USB 5V Signal input: the USB input signal and the 3.5 signal input The signal output: 3.5 Headset interface and RCA output Joint types: Gold plug Interface: RCA and 3.5 interface Product pack: 439g Product net weight: 197g (not including accessories) USB length: 150cm 3.5 to 3.5 150cm audio line Product size: 9.5cm (L) X10cm (W) X3.5cm (high) Packing size: 20cm (L) X18cm (W) X5.5cm (high)
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