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Module name: 12A step-down module; Module type: Non-isolation buck module Input voltage: 4.5~30V (Input voltage please no more than 30V) Output voltage: 0.8~30V continuously adjustable Output current: 0~12A 100W (Enhance heat dissipation up to 200W) Working temperature: -40'C~85'C Working frequency: 300kHz тАЛConversion rate: Max. 95% (The rate is related with input / output voltage current voltage difference) Short circuit protection: Yes (Limiting current 14A) please avoid short circuit Over-temperature protection: Yes (Auto shutdown output when over-temperature) Input reverse protection: No Application: Input voltage is higher than the output voltage of the buck in the field such as batteries power transformers DIY adjustable power supply 24V car powered laptop power supply automotive LED light strip power supply industrial equipment buck 12V to 3.3V 12V to 5V 24V to 5V 24V to 12V etc.
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