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Upgrade Charging Port Again - 5 USB Ports 5 USB ports output high current of up to 7.8A, which can charge multiple devices simultaneously, it enough for charging requirements of whole family. High Power Fast Charge Ultra powerful 5 ports USB charger pumps up to 39W, charges any combination of five USB devices at the same time, and built-in intelligent IC detects and delivers ideal current, efficient and low-heat, more reassuring. Multi-protection Safety System ORICO's multi protection safety system ensures complete protection for attached devices from electrical short circuit, over heat, electric surge, over charging, over current, etc. Widely Compatible CSA-5U can work with iPhone, Samsung, iPad and other digital products with USB charging cable, fast charge and high saturability solving your charging problems. Easy to carry, universal voltage With a tiny body, ORICO CSA-5U is smaller 20% than iPhone6, easy to carry. Apply to 100 - 240V universal voltage, it can be used in any country in the world without converter. Specification Port 5 USB Charging Ports Max Output 5V-8A Input 100-240V 50 / 60Hz Circuit Protection Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, etc. Dimension 98 x 72 x 28mm Certificate CE / FCC / UL Compatibility 5V USB-enabled devices such as cellphone, tablet, power bank, bluetooth speaker, etc.
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