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Excerpt from The Pattern New Era Cutting System: Ten Complete Lessons for Cut-to-Measure Foundation Patterns, Embracing a Thoro and Accurate System of MeasuringThe subject or person to be measured should be dressed in such a way as to facilitate the process, wearing garments that are plain - so that the correct outline of the figure is accessible. The attitude should be a natural one - and the person taking the measure must use great care - the measurement being very important. As it is necessary to have the correct waist line, tie a cord, or tape, or buckle a strap around waist. Measure right side.Note: A regular 60-inch tape measure is necessary in measuring.1. Neck Measure. Take snug measure around neck fairly well down on neck as shown on Figure 1.(a) Place under arm square up under right arm - place back tape squarely across back and front tape across front, letting them cross under left arm. These tapes must be level - making one continuous straight line around body. Keep arms down to hold square and tapes steady.2. Half Back. Use long tape; measure from center of back of neck to upper edge of back tape. (Fig. 1).3. Full Back. Measure from center of back of neck to waist line, (long tape.) (Fig. 1).4. Half Blade. One-half the entire width of back measured across shoulder blades, (long tape.) (Fig. 1).5. Center Back. Measure on back tape from Eyelet under the arm to center of the back of figure. (Fig. 1).6. Center Front. Measure on front tape from Eyelet under the arm to...
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