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Chilli (C. annuum and C. frutescens) is one of the most important spice crops in Bangladesh as well as in the world. The genotypes of chilli under investigation showed considerable variation in most of the characters. The best dose of NPK per hectare were 100, 60, 100 or 125, 60, 100, respectively as in most cases these doses gave the best result for obtaining the maximum yield and these two doses were identical in most of the cases. 125 kg N, 60 kg P and 100 kg K was the best dose for getting highest gross return, net return and BCR and this dose was also identical to 100 kg, 60 kg and 100 kg per hectare NPK, respectively. The best dose of S, Zn and B per hectare was found to be 20 kg, 3 kg and 1.5 kg, respectively for getting the highest yield and highest BCR. To get the highest seed yield 100 kg N, 60 kg P and 100 kg K per hectare along with 20 kg S, 3 kg Zn, 2 kg B per hectare were found the best dose.
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