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Features Six in one: Oscilloscope/Recorder/DMM/ Spectrum Analyzer/Frequency Counter/Arbitrary Waveform generator. IP-51 rated for dust, drip and shake proof to withstand harsh environments. Large fuse confirms to European Safety Standard. Battery indicator with easy-changed connect points. Selectable 18650 battery box for matching 18650 battery by yourself. Anti-theft lock hole, tripod fixed hole, hang rope, FLASH light that can be used in darkness. Replaceable BNC safety joints, and additional one set of joints. High bandwidth 100MHz Oscilloscope, 1GSa/s sample rate, 2M Memory depth. 25Mz Arb. Waveform Generator, 200 Mesa/s DDS, 12 bit vertical resolution, easy for simulating transducer 6000 Counts DMM, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, break, capacitance, and diode function. FFT spectral analysis; Waveform Math: add, subtract, multiply and divide; X-Y mode; more than 20 automatic measurements; PASS/FAIL Check function, apply to engineering application. Abundant trigger function, double timebase sampling, easy to observe two waveforms in different frequency. Record and replay of more than 1000 waveforms. Large 5.6 inch TFT Color LCD Display; High Resolution(640*480) USB Host/Device 2.0 full-speed interface; support removable disk; WIFI/LAN Option, easy to control by PC or long-distance. Waveform data can be output in WORD,EXCEL, BMP, JPG as time and voltage. Specifications Model DSO8202E Acquisition Sample Modes Real-Time Sample Acquisition Modes Normal Normal data only Peak Detect High-frequency and randon glith capture Average Wavefom Average, selectable 4,8,16,32,64,128 Inputs Inputs Coupling AC, DC, GND Inputs Impedance 1MΩ±2% 20pF±3pF Probe Attenuation 1X, 10X Supported Probe Attenuation Factor 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X Maximum Input Voltage CAT I and CAT II: 300VRMS (10×), Installation Category; CAT III: 150VRMS (1×) Horizontal System Sample Rate Range 1GS/s Waveform Interpolation (sin x)/x Record Length 2M SEC/DIV Range 2ns/div~2000s/div, in a 2, 4, 8 sequence Sample Rate and Delay Time Accuracy ±50ppm over any ≥1ms time interval Scanning Speed Range 2ns/div to10ns/div;(-4div×s/div) to 20ms Delta Time Measurement Accuracy (Full Bandwidth) Single-shot, Normal mode:± (1 sample interval +100ppm × reading + 0.6ns); >16 averages:± (1 sample interval + 100ppm × reading + 0.4ns); Sample interval = s/div ÷ 200 Vertical System Vertical Resolution 8-bit resolution, all channel sampled simultaneously Volts Range 2mV/div to 100V/div at input BNC Bandwidth 200MHz Rise Time at BNC( typical) 1.8ns Analog Bandwidth in Normal and Average modes at BNC or with probe, DC Coupled ±400V(100V/div-20V/div); ±50V(10V/div-5V/div); ±40V(2V/div-500mV/div); ±2V(200mV/div-50mV/div); ±400mV(20mV/div-2mV/div); Math +, -, *, /, FFT FFT Windows: Hanning, Flatop, Rectamgular, Bartlett, Blackman; 1024 sample point Bandwidth Limit 20MHz Low Frequency Response (-3db) ≤10Hz at BNC DC Gain Accuracy ±3% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 100V/div to 10mV/div. ±4% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 5mV/div to 2mV/div. DC Measurement Accuracy, Average Acquisition Mode Measurement Type: Average of ≥16 waveforms with vertical position at zero Accuracy: ± (3% × reading + 0.1div + 1mV) when 10mV/div or greater is selected. Measurement Type: Average of ≥16 waveforms with vertical position not at zero Accuracy: ± [3% × (reading + vertical position) + 1% of vertica Volts Measurement Repeatability, Average Acquisition Mode Delta volts between any two averages of ≥16 waveforms acquired under same setup and ambient conditions Package Size 26 x 22 x 10 cm Package Weight 2500g
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