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7pcs Skating Cycling Helmet Knee Pads Elbow Wrist Brace Set 7pcs set includes one helmet, one pair knee pad, one pair elbow brace, one pair wrist brace. The helmet is made of PE, EPS and sponge material, comfortable and breathable. It can protect your head from injuring. This pair of protective knee pads would keep you from injury during harsh condition. Velcro Strap on elbow and wrist braces is adjustable so that making these brace fits all. Suitable for skating, self-balance scooter riding, bike riding and other sports. Specifications Gender Unisex Size M Material PE + EPS + Sponge Head Circumference 57-58cm Knee Pad Length 43cm Elbow Brace Length 26cm Wrist Brace Length 18cm Fit for People 50.5-60.3Kg, 160-175cm Package Content 1 x Helmet, 2 x Knee Pad, 2 x Elbow Brace, 2 x Wrist Brace
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