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"Discover China Workbook 2" is an accompanying workbook to "Discover China Student Book 2", designed for upper-elementary, teenage to adult learners of mandarin Chinese. "Workbook 2" is suitable for both in-class and self-study use. "Workbook 2" features clear language objectives which correspond with the "Student's Book" unit structure and activities. A wide variety of vocabulary and grammar exercises, as well as extra reading and listening activities, provide practice of the core language presented in "Student's Book 2". Each unit of "Discover China Workbook 2" contains a list of learning objectives which provide a clear outline of the language skills and knowledge which is practiced in each activity. Also contained in each unit is additional topic-related reading and listening material which provide extra practice of key grammar and vocabulary presented in the corresponding Student Book lesson and unit. Pinyin of characters learnt in the "Student Book 2" is removed from the listening and reading passages in "Workbook 2". Moreover a self-assessment section at the end of each unit using "I can -" descriptors enables students to reflect on their individual progress. "The Workbook 2" pays attention to developing students' character writing skills beyond the number taught in "Student Book 2". In "Student Book 2", students learn to write 50 characters, and in "Workbook 2" this number is increased to 350 characters.
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