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ROSWHEEL Bike Bag Bicycle Pannier Rear Seat Bag 3 in 1 Waterproof Bike Multifunction Bag Bicycle Accessories Specification: Brand: Roswheel Weight: 1250g Color: black,army green Top size: H35 * W30 * D13cm, Side size: H31 * W30 * D13cm, The lugs size: 15 * 30cm Fabric: 600D polyester PVC,915D polyester drawable PU(water repellent) Features: 1.Water repellent fabric 2.Easy to be removal and Suitable for a variety of model 3.U-shaped zipper,Easy to collect items 4.Reflective tape design, night riding will be safer 5.reflective screen logo, top bag have zipper pockets, D-rings on both sides, with a single shoulder strap, can be used to connect with the side bag, top bag and side bag fixed with buckle 6.In the lugs have a handle, zipper side pockets, front zipper pocket piece, bag surface reflective strips, side panels have a mesh bag, mesh bag with reflective strips 7.thin grooves Ribbon, Ribbon edging inside. Two co-envelope, the first seam 1cm, the second seam 0.8cm, edging seam 0.6cm,3 lines in total Package included: 1 x bicycle bag
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