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Color Black Brand UitraFire Model T91 Quantity 1 Piece Material Aluminum alloy Emitter Brand Cree LED Type Others Emitter BIN otehrsP0 Number of Emitters 1 Color BIN Neutral White Working Voltage 7.2~8.4 V Power Supply 2 x 18650 (not included) Current 2200 mA Theoretical Lumens 1500 lumens Actual Lumens 1000 lumens Runtime 2~3 Hour Number of Modes 5 Mode Arrangement HiLowFast StrobeSOSOthersStepless dimming Mode Memory No Switch Type Reverse clicky Switch Location SideTailcap Lens Glass Reflector Aluminum Textured Beam Range 200 m Strap/Clip No Other Features The housing is made of durable anodized aluminum alloy; With attack head for self defense; Double click the switch to activate fast strobe / SOS mode long press the button to activate stepless dimming; With filmed optical glass for brighter light. Packing List 1 x Flashlight
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