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jm pj7002 outdoor camping flashlight 200 lumens купить по лучшей цене

Specification: Product name: Q5 240Lumens LED Flashlight Emitter Type: Q5 Material: Aluminum Alloy Mode: High, Mid, Strobe Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650/3 x AAA Battery (not included) Switch Type: clicky Switch Location: tail of the flashlight Brightness: 240lumens Carrying Strap: included Color: black Weight: 100g without battery Size: 102x30x27mm(length x head x tail diameter) no-extension 117x30x27mm(length x head x tail diameter) With-extension Features: Small size, easy to carry. Can put it in the Pocket Suitable for outdoor sports ,camping, hiking, bicycling, fishing and so on Note: 1.can use both 18650 battery and AAA battery.When use 18650 battery you need to set on the extension tube 2.when use AAA battery on the flashlight you should take out of the extension tube. 3.Please do not use 18650 protected battery for the flashlight. Package included: 1 x Q5 240Lumens LED Flashlight 1 x bicycle mount
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