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Description: 6mm Ceramic Tile Mirror Glass Carbide Spear Head Drill Bits Hole Tool Material: Carbide steel Length: 7cm Drill Diameter: 6mm Color: Silver Quantity: 1pcs Weight: 13g Features: Spear point carbide for fast cutting speed and extra cutting life. Suitable for cutting all kinds of normal glass, tiles, porcelains and ceramics on normal hardness. Spear point carbide will increase sharpness of this bit into those glass & tile materials in dry cutting and wet cutting. It can be used with the ordinary drilling hammer. It must be added coolant when it is being used. When drilling holes, your force should be slow,especially when at the beginning of drilling and at the moment of drilling the glass through. Turn to the right when working ,speed 400-500. Tips: Pour water over area to be drilled. Never allow your drill bit to overheat, take small breaks to allow it to cool by dipping it in cold water. Drilling holes without water will cause excessive heat generated during the drilling process & may cause the bit to become blunt & lead to poor drilling performance. The hardness of the material & the operator determine the overall performance. Do not apply too much pressure as your tile/glass will break just let the drill do the work. Use rotary action only but not hammer action, wear safety glasses. Package included: 1x 6mm Glass Drill
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