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A Wall can speak, bear and reflect vital facts in respect of time geography (combination of space and time).‘Wall’ in our society bears a cultural atmosphere. Different arts, paintings, architectures, graffiti, parietal/rock-art on Walls, even the materials those are used to make sporadic walls bear the cultural-arena. From the Paleolithic (2.6 million years ago) to recent, Walls are being used in diverse purposes. From the cave-walls to kingdom walls (palaces of different kings), tribal houses wall to modern houses, offices, hospitals, boundary-walls, shopping malls, schools, colleges, cinema halls, temples, mosques, churches, bed rooms, kitchens even on bath-room’s wall etc. abide, reflect and speak their surrounding’s cultural perception with respect to time. This book encompasses the cultural reflection of Walls i.e ‘Wall-Culture’ in our civilization and that would be the ‘neo-corona’ and Dawn in our cultural geography.

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