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Eurocode 2 «Design of concrete structures – Part 1-1: General Rules, and rules for buildings» (EC2-1-1) and the German National Annex were tested and improved upon during a thorough trial phase and is now ready for its official implementation by building authorities in Germany. This book offers a consolidated version of the code geared for practical applications. It consists of a corrected Eurocode 2 text where the national regulations were integrated into the corresponding paragraphs, equations and illustrations of the code. At the same time those recommendations not applicable to Germany were removed. To increase its practical value, the national stipulations, changes and additions are highlighted. Short explanations and references are provided on the edge of the code text and provide an aid in adjusting to and daily use of it. The appendix offers further and more comprehensive commentaries regarding the background of the code in order to deepen its understanding. The work is rounded off with a set of design aids. The publishing associations – Federal Association of Checking Engineers for Construction Technology (BVPI), German Concrete and Construction Technology Association (DBV), Association of Reinforcing Steel (ISB), and German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI) – assume that this commented and consolidated version is a prerequisite to applying Eurocode 2-1-1 and its National Annex in practice with a reasonable amount of effort.
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