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Hero 9075 Iridium Black Nib Smooth Fountain Pen Office Student Use Features: Advanced liquid ink system and unique nib guarantee smooth and fluent writing. This fountain pen is convenient and easy to use. It is the best choice for your friends and yourself to use this fountain pen to practice your The pen is a very pragmatic writing tool for all fields of people that you must have. Specifications: 1. Nib Material: Iridium 2. Barrel Material: Metal 3. Color: Black 4. Length: 5.08 inch / 13 cm 5. Diameter: 0.39 inch / 1cm Note: The ink suitable for this item is Hero Dux 50ml 404 Ink Fountain Pen Ink Writing Ink Black. The ink's Product ID is 988119. Package included: 1 x Pen
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